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Smoother parenting with intentional behavior strategies

This parenting gig is wonderful and challenging. Our kids are constantly evolving, which means we as parents are constantly adapting! Everyone has unique strengths & unique needs, including us parents. Figuring out how to support everyone's needs can be tough! If you ever thought "This is hard" or "I feel stuck," you're not alone! After 10 years providing ABA therapy, I made the shift to Parent Coaching with the intention to give parents the support you deserve! Whether you just started this parenting journey or have been on it for a while, we'll figure out what's important to you and create intentional steps to move towards the parent you want to be.


You're the expert in your child. I'm an expert in behavior. Together we can make a big difference!

Intentional Parenting Approach is for you if...

  • You feel overwhelmed with the daily demands of parenting

  • You're grasping at straws without real direction in your parenting approach

  • You want to feel confident in the why and how of what you're doing

  • You want a professional's outside view to provide a new perspective

  • You want to feel confident while supporting your child's development

  • You suspect your child is neurodivergent but are on a long waitlist for an evaluation

  • Your child is waiting to start therapy services and you don't know how to bridge the gap

  • Current behavior strategies in place don't seem to be working

  • You want personalized insight that applies to your unique family dynamic

  • You want to alleviate the tension in your home and enjoy your family time more

  • You are ready to commit to make changes that will have a positive impact

Ready to get started?

"It's like having a behavior expert in your back pocket!"

Confident mom

"I wish I would have had Alyssa when my son was first diagnosed with autism so I could have talked directly to someone to find solutions for my son!"

Happy Mom

"Alyssa is so attentive to the little details. Thanks for all the help you have given me so far!"

Thankful Dad

Get to know your Parent Coach

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