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Parent Course:
ABA Therapy Start to Finish

Parents: If you suspect your child is autistic or they have already received a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and you're looking into ABA therapy, this course is for you!


This robust 1-hour pre-recorded course will review the process from start to finish, including:

  • Process of ASD evaluation,

  • determining insurance coverage for ABA therapy,

  • what to do when on a waitlist for ABA therapy,

  • questions to ask your ABA provider,

  • process of ABA assessment,

  • how to advocate for your child's ABA therapy services,

  • and support when discharging ABA therapy services.

Additional free resources available within the course! Less Googling. More answers.

Professionals: Do you have a family inquiring about ABA therapy & the ins and outs of the process? Refer them to this workshop for an in-depth crash course! Created for parents, by a Behavior Analyst with a decade's experience in the field.

Hosted live Feb 11, 2023 & recorded for your viewing.

ABA Therapy Start to Finish

ABA Therapy Start to Finish

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