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Parent Course: Coregulation

Supporting ourselves & our children through those big waves of emotions

Parents, if you have a young child, riding those big waves of emotions each day can be confusing and exhausting.

During this 50-minute on-demand course, we'll take a deeper look at:

1) what actually happens when our kids are stressed,

2) something called an escalation cycle (the process of releasing emotions) so we know when and how to respond, and

3) practical co-regulation strategies to support our children and ourselves during those heightened moments.


My goal is for you to gain a new perspective so you can feel calm and confident when challenges arise, feel intentional in your parenting approach, and deepen your connection with your child.

For parents & caregivers of children age 1-10

Course Host: Alyssa Latham M.A., BCBA, LBA - Behavior Analyst & toddler mom

Co-Regulation "Ride the Wave"

Co-Regulation "Ride the Wave"

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Information in this course is based in science! Here are references used.

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