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8 Tips for Transitions

Updated: Jun 19

Wake up, eat breakfast, convince kids to brush teeth, do a wiggly kid's hair, get them dressed, find their missing shoe, another bathroom break for good measure, get the out the door, get sweaty buckling their car seat, and drive to school...


Why are there so many steps in the morning routine??

And then we repeat in the evening.

Every day.

Trying to convince our kids to follow along with our brilliant plan to keep them alive, well-fed, and have personal hygiene sure does take a lot of patience and creativity.

If you're running on E and feeling far from patient or creative, I've got your back!

There's a new freebie waiting for you: 8 Tips for Transitions.

Strategies based in science from a Behavior Analyst & a Mom who uses a combination of these strategies on the daily... so you can take my word for it!

Here's your sneak peek:

  1. Give a heads up

  2. Switch up how you say it

  3. First-Then

  4. Statement > Question

  5. Offer Choices

  6. Alternative to "Hurry up"

  7. Transition Item

  8. Re-Connect

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