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Potty Training Guide

Ah, potty training... a big milestone for our kids but an often dreaded task for us grown-ups. & I understand why - It's a commitment!

When it comes to potty training, there's A LOT of new skills your kid is learning: awareness of the feeling of needing to pee/poop, knowing what pee/poop is, knowing where to go when they have that feeling, communicating this to a grown-up, transitioning to the actual toilet, getting undressed, sitting on toilet, getting toilet paper, knowing their body parts, wiping those body parts, awareness if they're done peeing/pooping, flushing toilet, getting dressed, washing hands, and then doing it all again. WHEW!

If you're feeling ambitious & just want to ditch the diapers without any prep work, by all means go for it, but I highly recommend teaching some of these steps WAY in advance to make it an all around smoother experience for you and your kid.

After nearly a decade of helping clients learn this skill & now being a parent myself, I've broken potty training down into 5 stages so you can feel more organized & confident with your approach.

Here's a sneak peek of each stage:

1) Prep work: Allow your kid to explore; follow their lead, label!, make it a relaxed environment, knowing when your kid is ready for the next step

2) Materials ready: When it comes to knowing which toilet seat, step stools, or rewards to have ready, there isn't one perfect answer! It's whatever is best for YOUR home setting.

3) Plan your approach: Camping out in the bathroom, rigid schedule, or following your child's cues - which approach is best for your child, and most feasible for you as the parent? What do I say to help my kid remember to go to the toilet, what do I say when they have an accident, what do I say when it's a success? My guide will help you decide.

4) Getting started: The big day is here! My guide will help you shift your mindset, set the new standard, and keep it cool when in the trenches.

5) Adjust as needed: How do I know if it's working? Do I stay the course, progress to the next level, or take a step back and try again in a few months? My guide provides questions to ask yourself when making these considerations.

Potty training doesn't have to be crappy! Use this potty training guide as a starting point & feel more prepared, organized, and confident with your approach as you support your child through this milestone. You got this!

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