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Sensory or Behavior?

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

As a Behavior Analyst working with clients, have you ever asked yourself "Is this sensory or behavior?"

As a parent or caregiver, have you wondered the same thing, too? Sometimes it can be hard to tell just from our observations if a person is responding due to something we can see on the outside (in the environment), leaving us to wonder what is going on in the inside.

How can we support our clients and/or children while also supporting ourselves in those heightened moments?

What is the underlining need that's not being met, and what skills are missing?

Alyssa Latham M.A., BCBA, LBA and Sergio Rodriguez, OTR, MOT, dove into these questions together! In this on-demand presentation, we:

  • define emotion regulation

  • discover how our brains and bodies respond to stress

  • explore self and co-regulation strategies

  • and review case studies with ABA-OT collaboration

  • Plus bonus handouts for you!

1.5 Learning CEUs for BCBAs©. Other professionals and caregivers are welcome to view this presentation.

We all get stressed, we all have sensory needs, so let's get the support we need.

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