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What Exactly does Problem-Solving Teach Us?

Updated: Jun 19

What does problem-solving teach us? What exactly does "developing problem-solving" mean for our daily lives?

  • It helps us be creative (there’s usually more than one solution)

  • It teaches us persistence (keep trying until the problem is solved)

  • It helps to manage our emotions (know if we need to take a break, ask for help, if we’re dysregulated)

  • And it builds our confidence!

Problem-solving is a skill we will use for the rest of our lives, so start teaching your child with small simple moments each day.

How do we do this?

  1. Notice the problem out loud

  2. Ponder the solution(s)

  3. Test a solution

  4. Review the results

Example: My daughter and I were having a bubble party with the bubble machine, and after all the bubbles had popped, I pointed to the floor “Uh oh, the floor is wet! What should we do?” She responded “Mop it!” and grabbed her toy mop. After I mopped the floor, I pointed out “Now the floor is dry!”

The first few times this happened, I modeled the solution out loud… “maybe we can mop it?” I also could have pondered a different solution… “or get a towel?” The great thing about problem-solving is it is not one-size-fits-all, which really allows us to develop critical thinking skills and apply it to the situation at hand.

Need help adapting this to your child’s age, abilities, and communication style? I can help! As a BCBA with 10 years’ experience working with neurodiverse children and adults, this is an area I love to teach! Schedule your complimentary behavior coaching session here.

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